Ben Quimby
Ben quimby
Full Name

Ben Quimby



Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown


Unnamed father †
Jane Quimby (little sister)
Kate Quimby(mother)


Rita Shaw (Girlfriend)

First Episode

"The Intern"

Portrayed By

David Rogers

Ben Quimby is Jane's older brother and guardian. He was unemployed and tried to look for a job to help support Jane since their father died and their mother left when they were young. He worked as an assistant coach at Jane's school until offered a baseball contract.


In The Intern Ben is an unemployed guardian of Jane, his little sister, since their father died. He was very popular in high school as opposed to Jane, who is a big dork in high school. When Jane gets the job as an intern, she forges Ben's signature because she thinks that Ben will think that Jane is getting the job because Ben is unemployed, which is part of the reason, but not all. He also seems to have taken an interest in Rita Shaw, his co-worker and former classmate in high school.


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