Eli Chandler
General information
Full name Elijah Chandler
Nickname(s) Eli
Occupation Fashion Designer
Family Gray Chandler Murray (Aunt)
Romances Jane Quimby (ex-girlfriend)
Friends Jane Quimby
Enemies Jeremy Jones
Series information
Status Alive
Portrayed by Bryan Dechart
First appearance The Replacement
Last appearance

Eli Chandler is Gray's nephew. He got hired in the episode The Replacement. He is always willing to help Jane out.


India Jourdain

He took her job. He slept with her in The Sleepover

Jane Quimby

Him and Jane Quimby have been on only one "date". Although it was only a fake date, in the episode The Surprise, he says that he would like to go on a real date with her. In the episode The Second Chance, Jane was going to ask him out, but never got around to it. He asks Jane out on their first "real" date and they kiss in the episode The Backup Dress. On Jane and Eli's date, they go to La Petite Bourdelais, one of the fanciest restaurants in New York. Jane wears Nina Garcia's Backup dress and she shows up at the restaurant. So after Nina gets wine spilled on her dress, and Jane turns a table cloth into a dress, her and Eli go for hotdogs at a hotdog stand on the street, and share their first kiss. He cheats on Jane with India in the episode The Sleepover.