Erica Dasher
Full name Erica Dasher
Birthplace Houston, Texas, USA
Birth date 1987
Occupation Actress
Role on JBD Jane Quimby

Erica Dasher is an American actress who plays Jane Quimby, the titular character in the ABC Family series Jane By Design. Prior to Jane By Design, Dasher co-starred as Madison in The webisode series The Lake. Dasher is also a film producer, producing documentary film Speak Easy. The film was produced in 2009 and is awaiting release. Dasher is graduate of University of Southern California. Originally from Houston, Texas, she currently resides in Los Angeles.


  • 2012 - Jane by Design (TV series)
  • 2010 - Chicken on a Pizza (short)
  • 2009 - The Lake (TV series)
  • 2009 - Vicariously (TV series)

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