India Jourdain
[[Image:Tumblr m6fc31dWqn1rn9f05o1 r1 250 i hate you|center|220px]]
Full Name

India Jourdain




Harrods Style Director

Eye Color


Hair Color


First Episode

"The Intern"

Portrayed By

India Beaufort

India Jourdain , an associate designer at Donovan Decker and Gray Chandler Murray’s former assistant, who is now gunning for Gray’s job. Seeing Jane as just a bump in the road to what she ultimately wants, India does her best to make Jane’s life difficult at the fashion house. In the episode, "The End of the Line", she was wrongly accused by Jane of being the spy for a rival company of Donovan Decker. In "The Replacement," India returns out for revenge on Jane and Gray. She is blackmailing Jeremy, in order to get a hold of Gray's secrets. She slept with Eli in the episode The Sleepover


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