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Jane By Design (formerly known as What Would Jane Do) is a light-hearted drama about Jane, a teenager who lands a job at a hip retail company when they mistake her for an adult. Jane soon finds herself juggling life both as a regular high school student and as an assistant to a high powered executive in the cutthroat world of fashion... all while trying to keep her true identity a secret. Read More...

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Jane by Design 1x13 Promo "The Surprise" HD00:31

Jane by Design 1x13 Promo "The Surprise" HD

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How do you feel about the cancellation of Jane By Design?

The poll was created at 13:49 on August 18, 2012, and so far 519 people voted.
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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    For all the ones who have been waiting on word of what will happen with Jane By Desgin; the news has finally came in. The ABC Family show Jane By Design has officially been cancelled by ABC Family. T…

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  • Justsomechic

    Hi! As a lot of you know the Jane By Design summer finale airs on Tuesday at 9/8c. It is the 'summer finale' but without some help from fans it could become the 'series finale'. That's why a lot of u…

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  • Unicorns!!130323


    July 24, 2012 by Unicorns!!130323

    Hello! I have been commenting as a wiki contributor for a while now, and I decided to finally make a profile. I just wanted to say hey to everyone, and I love Jane by Design!

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