John Brotherton
Full name John Brotherton
Birthplace America
Birth date August 21, 1980
Occupation Actor
Role on JBD Dakota
Charming, witty and handsome - three words that easily come to mind when you see actor John Brotherton perform in his role of Jared Banks. As a young boy, Brotherton got the acting bug at the early age of 10 and it continued throughout his college days. Even though acting seemed to be in his blood, Brotherton, however went on and graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in business. But his dream of acting luckily didn't die there, and after graduation packed up his car and headed to Los Angeles.

During the next four years, he did what a lot of new struggling actors do - wait tables! However, while working at Herb Alpert's Vibrato restaurant he finally got this big break when he was asked to test for the brand-new role of Jared Banks. On the advice of his agent, Brotherton was told to think of himself as the character of Sawyer from ABC's LOST. So he let his beard grow out some to look scruffy, yet was able to still pull off a sexy, but edgy character. Luck was on his side that day, as the actor was immediately asked to join the show.

In the meantime, he decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend Alison, and within five days was heading across country to his new gig in daytime.

Brotherton has also co-produced, directed and starred in the independent short film Smith & Mike on a Tuesday, which was produced on a very small budget of only $2,600. This film has been quite successful and has recently been on the film festival circuit.