Jane by Design is an American comedy-drama television series created by April Blair the show premiered on January 3, 2012.on ABC Family the series follows the live of Jane Quimby ( Erica Dashe ) a teenager who had to be mistaken for an adult to finally get her fashion dream job and work with a world-famous designer, Gray Chandler Murray ( Andie MacDowell ). She is now juggling between two secret lives one in high school, and one in high fashion.

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
1 Read It And Keep It Lev L. Spiro April Blair Jan 3, 2012 1.61
Jane Quimby, a high-school student applying for an internship, is mistaken for a qualified adult applicant and is hired by Gray Chandler Murray, a high maintenance fashion designer. She must now juggle her life as a high school student, a fashion designer and as the breadwinner living with her unemployed older brother.
2 Strange And Weard Michael Lange April Blair Jan 10, 2012 1.12
Jane is thrilled when her middle school crush, Nick, asks her to the Winter Formal, until she realizes the event is the same evening as an important company preview party that Gray told her to plan. Nick sees Jane's best friend Billy and It-girl Lulu kissing. After which, Billy asks that Nick keep it secret.
3 Desperate Number Michael Katleman Amy Rardin & Jessica O'Toole January 17, 2012 1.33
Gray gives Jane a list of things to do for a few days that includes breaking up with Gray's 20-something model boyfriend. Gray also gives Jane a Birkin bag as a reward. Ben begins working as the athletic assistant at Jane's school. Jane and Lulu learn that they are tied to become class valedictorian.
4 My Name Is Love Arlene Sanford John A. Norris Jan 24, 2012 1.48
Jane comes to the aid of a stressed-out Jeremy, who's intent on wooing a demanding fashion editor with high expectations that could help or hurt his career. Jane also finds out about Billy and Lulu while Billy and Jane's friendship hangs by a thread.
5 Kissing You Without We Date Gavin Polone Flint Wainess Jan 31, 2012 1.35
Jane is tasked with her biggest assignment yet: protecting Donovan Decker's top-secret "look book", a collection of the company's upcoming fashion line, and delivering it to Gray in Paris. But when she loses it somewhere in the city, it turns into a mad-dash hunt against the clock.
6 Want Me Want You Melanie Mayron Deirdre Shaw Feb 7, 2012 1.12
Jane objects to India's research on high school students and fashion, so Gray gives Jane a research project. Jane puts together a video presentation for work that involves her interviewing people from high school. Billy tries out a new look in hopes of gaining respect from Lulu's father. Jane and Nick get their first kiss.
7 Leave And Keep This Heart Forever Phil Traill Melissa Carter Feb 14, 2012 1.11
Jane has to take charge of an erratic teen model named Piper Grace (Lili Simmons) -- who discovers Jane's big secret. Piper agrees to remain silent, if Jane will do one favor for her. Tired of Jane's behavior, Ben decides to ground her.
8 Throne Part 1 Michael Grossman Emily Fox Feb 21, 2012 1.34
Jeremy must design a wedding dress for famous socialite Charlotte Whitmore (Autumn Reeser) who's marrying a prince well not a prince actually. Jane has the perfect dress, but India takes credit for it, even though the design has special meaning for Jane. Jane arranges for Nick and Billy to get to know each other. Nick and Billy play pool against two guys -- and it leads to a fight. Nick hopes Jane can make it to his baseball game, but the wedding dress drama may complicate that.
9 Throne Part 2 Howard Deutch John A. Norris Feb 28, 2012 0.96
The high school goes on a camping trip. Jane wants to go with Nick; India insists Jane go with her for a business trip. Jane meets Beau (Oded Fehr) and is shocked to learn Gray is still married to him. Jane, India, and Beau's assistant Christopher (Brandon Jones) end up at a hotel bar together, where Jane opens up about her feelings for Nick. While camping, Lulu and Nick complain about their relationships with Jane and Billy, respectively. They share a kiss, but Billy sees them. Ben goes to Donovan Decker looking around for Jane and finds out that Jane's job isn't an internship like he thought. Tommy asks Billy to help him in a robbery as a getaway driver. Billy refuses but later he changed his mind, and they are both caught by the police.
10 Shine With All The Stars Phil Traill April Blair & Paul Haapaniemi March 6, 2012 1.20
The aftermath of Tommy's robbery has legal consequences that lead Billy to get called to his worst nightmare, Judge Bentley Pope... Lulu's father. Now with Ben knowing what going on with Jane's other life, he demands that she quit. It is revealed that Jeremy is the mole working for Beau, stealing the designs from Donovan Decker. However, India is wrongfully accused by Jane of being the mole, Gray overhears this and fires India on the spot. Things are tense and awkward with Nick and Jane after Billy reveals to her that Nick kissed Lulu on the camping trip; Nick and Jane break up. Tommy prepares to get out of town, encourages Billy to express his feelings for Jane at the Donovan Decker show in Lincoln Center, while Jeremy expresses his feelings for her too .
11 Did You Really Have A Gay Father Jim Hayman April Blair June 5, 2012 1.36
Billy is released from juvenile hall and refuses to be open with Jane about his feelings for her. Jane realizes she may have a chance at getting India's job now that Gray is depending on her more, but she faces some tough competition. Ben struggles to keep Jane's secret from Rita.
12 The Heart-TheSame Thing What We Need Gavin Polone April Blair June 12, 2012 1.34
Donovan Decker team must win approval of India, who is now the style director for the Harrods department store. Aiden Chase (Parker Young), a male celebrity is chosen to model with clothes designed by Donovan Decker. Rita feels uncomfortable with Ben moving things forward with their relationship, with Rita deciding to break up with him. Billy becomes friendly with a new female student, Zoe (Mariah Buzolin).
13 Darkness Can Catch Uss Phil Traill John A. Norris June 19, 2012 1.30
Its Jane's birthday and Ben has her thinking that everyone forgot but really he has planned a special surprise birthday party for her. At work, Gray also surprised Jane with the help of Eli. India is still threatening Jeremy to tell Gray that he is Beau's mole. Billy gets close with Zoe. At the end of the episode, it is shown that Zoe is lying to Billy as she walks towards her real home, indicating she is rich like Lulu. Jane and Ben were surprised by their mother Kate (Teri Hatcher).
14 Mail With Love Massage Millicent Shelton Melissa Carter June 26, 2012 1.08
Jane decides to slowly forgive her mother Kate for walking out on her and Ben years ago. But Ben continues to have resentment towards Kate. Jane gives Jeremy an ultimatum, either tell Gray about being Beau's mole or she will, Jeremy then leaves town with the designs for Harrods without telling anyone. Leaving Jane having to work with Eli and India to recreate the designs. Amanda Clark (Briga Heelan), an actress who used to go to school with Ben and Rita, is hired as the new drama teacher for the school. Amanda then makes her move on Ben, igniting a competition with Rita. Billy learns Zoe's secret about her being rich.
15 The Things That Never Happend Yet Part 1 Phil Traill Lenn K. Rosenfeld July 10, 2012 1.30
Beau is engaged to a younger woman, so Kate sets up an online dating profile for Gray, much to Jane's displeasure. Amanda has auditions for a Cinderella school play, with Zoe and Nick chosen as the leads. Amanda and Rita continue to compete for Ben's attention. Billy agrees to meet Zoe's parents, later finding out that they are a gay male couple. Kate's ex-boyfriend Dakota shows up in town and proposes to her.
16 The Things That Never Happend Yet Part 2 Daisy von Scherler Mayer Deirde Shaw July 17, 2012 1.28
After a faux date with Eli for her birthday, Jane finally gets the opportunity to go on a real date, while Ben gets a second chance of a lifetime when a minor league baseball scout wants him to try out for a coveted spot. With Dakota's proposal hanging in the air, Kate must decide on if she should give marriage a second chance or will she allow her commitment issues to scare her off again.
17 the sleep over July 24, 2012
The Harrods and Donovan Decker deal looks bleak when the Harrods team demands to get Jeremy's designs. With little to go on, Gray gives Jane the task of going to London to find Jeremy and persuade him to come back. Now all alone in London, Jane heads out to find Jeremy and save the day. Meanwhile Billy tries to repair things with Zoe, only to have his relationship with Jane get in the way - again.
18 The bounus check July 31, 2012
Jane saves the school play, but it comes at a personal cost.