Mariah Buzolin
Full name Mariah Buzolin Oliveira
Birthplace Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Birth date February 3, 1991
Occupation Actress
Role on JBD Zoe Mendez

Mariah Buzolin Oliveira, youngest child of two, was born in Brazil in 1991. At the age of six, Mariah moved with her family to Chicago, where in less than three months she was fluent in the language. In 2003, Mariah's first professional opportunities began to appear when she won a fashion contest, competing against hundreds of other girls nationwide. After getting the attention from several agents and agencies, Mariah moved to Los Angeles in 2006 and has been working non-stop, appearing in films, TV show guest star, national commercials and several prints. In 2012 she guest stared on the nickelodeon show Hollywwod Heights. In 2009 she guest starred on JONAS as Angelina.

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