Nick Fadden
General information
Full name Nick Fadden
Nickname(s) N/A
Occupation Student
Family N/A
Romances Jane Quimby (ex-girlfriend)

Lulu Pope (ex-girlfriend)

Friends Lulu Pope
Billy Nutter
Enemies N/A
Series information
Status Alive
Portrayed by Matthew Atkinson
First appearance The Intern
Last appearance Current

Nick Fadden is Jane’s long standing school crush. The popular and athletic Nick hasn’t paid much attention to Jane, but something recently different about Jane starts to pique his interest. He was in a relationship with Lulu Pope. Now as far as we know he is single.

Season One

In The Intern, Nick is first seen with a group of his friends. He walks right past Jane but doesn't notice her.

In The Runway, Nick wants to go to the Winter Formal with Jane. He gets advice from Billy about how to ask her. She meets him there and they share a few dances. But because of the Spring Preview Party she is running back and forth and he ends up leaving the dance.

In The Finger Bowl, he flirts with Jane while he is teaching her how to bat, but he is later on seen on a date with someone named Ashley.

In The Getaway, Nick calls to check on Jane and India answers the phone. The music was too loud and India and Nick can barely understand each other on the phone then India yells to Jane about sleeping with a guy and hangs up leaving Nick hurt. Then Lulu hurt by Billy talks to Nick and they comfort each other with two kisses.