Rita Shaw
General information
Full name Rita Shaw
Nickname(s) Shaw the Jaw
Occupation Guidance Counselor At Whitemarsh High School
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Romances Ben Quimby (Boyfriend)
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Enemies Amanda Clark
Series information
Status In a relationship
Portrayed by Smith Cho
First appearance The Intern
Last appearance The Bonus Check

Rita Shaw is the counselor of Jane Quimby's high school in the show Jane By Design. She is actively involved in the student body, aware of friendships and rivalries in the student body. She also been portrayed to have an unpleasant high school experience, being called "Shaw the Jaw," a nickname given to her by Ben Quimby for her head gear. Though she initially tries to appear indifferent, she has a mutual interest with Ben Quimby, who was also her high school crush.


Ben Quimby (romantic)

In "The Birkin," Rita shows Ben Quimby around on his first day of work, and explains his duties to him. Though he continually tries to flirt with her, she keeps a stony face and rebuts his attempts. At the end of the day, Ben walks into Rita's office, and drops on her couch to explain his day to her. However, she cuts him off, and tells him that she's not his guidance counselor or his therapist. As he leaves, he turns back and tells her "I'm going to win you over Rita Shaw. You just wait and see." As he leaves, she smiles quietly to herself.

Later, in "The Finger Bowl," Rita is shown to be looking up Ben Quimby in her high school yearbook. It is revealed that she had a crush on Ben in high school, as she has drawn a heart around his picture. Ben also looks up Rita in his yearbook and smiles as he looks at her picture.

Ben and Rita went on their first date in "The Image Issue," Season 1, episode 6.

In "The Getaway," Season 1, episode 9, Rita decides to be a chaperone on a high school camping trip. Although Ben initially does not want to go on the camping trip, he decides to go when he sees Todd's (another teacher chaperone) interest in Rita. Throughout the episode, he fights with Todd for Rita's attention, continually failing in his attempts to appear impressive, as he knows nothing about camping. At the end, he finally admits that he "hates everything about camping" and only came for Rita's sake, and then sadly says that he will never be the perfect guy for her. However, Rita is touched by him coming for her own sake, and interrupts him by kissing him, and tells him that he "is the perfect guy." She then shyly walks away smiling, with Ben staring after her in shock. Breathlessly and amazed, he then says to himself "I love camping."