“The Finger Bowl”
Season 1, Episode 4
Finger Bowl
Air Date

January 24, 2012


John A. Norris


Arlene Sanford

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"The Finger Bowl" is the fourth episode of Jane By Design It first aired on January 24, 2012.


Billy and Lulu’s secret relationship goes public, much to Jane’s shock and dismay. She feels completely betrayed by Billy and is furious he kept this from her for so long. Billy worries that he has lost his best friend.

Meanwhile, Donovan Decker prepare for a very important visitor: Miyoko Sato, the hard-to-please editor of a Japanese fashion magazine. Gray makes it clear to Jane how important it is to make sure Miyoko is happy because Donovan Decker has never been featured in Modern Empress before. Unfortunately, Miyoko isn’t impressed with the designs she sees.

After a few words with Jane, Miyoko agrees to give Donovan Decker one more chance. So Jeremy has Jane to dinner with Miyoko. Jane ends up working her magic, but just as the business dinner is starting to go smoothly, she runs into Nick. Jane is surprised to see Nick on a date, but manages to get out of the situation before it’s revealed she knows Nick through school. And the business dinner is completely successful; Miyoko agrees to feature a Donovan Decker design on the cover of Modern Empress!

Back at home, Ben has a heart-to-heart with Billy and gives him some advice concerning Jane. When Jane returns home from dinner, Billy is there waiting on her and the two friends make up.