Zoe Mendez
General information
Full name Zoe Mendez
Nickname(s) Unknown
Occupation Student
Family Unnamed parents
Romances Billy Nutter (boyfriend)
Friends Nick Fadden

Jane Quimby

Enemies Jane Quimby
Series information
Status Alive
Portrayed by Mariah Buzolin
First appearance The Celebrity
Last appearance The Bonus Check

Zoe Mendez is a new transfer student who shows interest in Billy. She comes off as a cocky and troublemaking student who Billy likes as an equal. He is unaware that Zoe is actually from a wealthy family until he follows her home after a date, believing she's planning to rob the mansion until he turns and sees a picture of her and thus, realizes the truth. Billy agrees to meet Zoe's parents, later finding out that they are a gay male couple.

In 'The Backup Dress', Zoe and Nick were running lines. Billy was passing by and thought that the two were having a relationship behind his back. He then called Zoe, 'a colossal waste of his time'. He tried to make it up in 'The Sleepover'. At the party that Jane and Billy threw, Zoe and Billy both hooked up.

In 'The Bonus Check', Billy replaces Nick in the play becaue Nick's ankle was sprained. In the end of the episode, Zoe is seen dragging Billy away happily.


Billy Nutter (Boyfriend)

Zoe and Billy met when they were both sent to the counselor's office. Zoe shows an interest in Billy and starts hanging out with him. Their relationship is good except for one time when Zoe got jealous of Billy hanging out with Jane.

Jane Quimby (Frienemy)

At first, Zoe sees Jane as a rival because Billy tends to preserve 'whatever it is that they "have". Later in the series, they start to be okay around each other.